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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

7 Tips To YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

7 Tips To YouTube Marketing (Video Marketing)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Personalize your blog by inserting your signature

Do you want to personalize your blog by inserting your signature? If you are using wordpress, then FT Signature Manager plugin is the solution for you

Friday, 1 July 2011

Personal Branding: 6 Unique strategic points that will make you exceptional

6 Unique strategic points to consider so that you are exceptional

Whenever I start coaching people about Personal Branding the most common question asked is always "why don't we ask other people to write what they think about us?"  Some are of the opinion that personal branding is boosting or bragging about themselves, which indeed makes one uncomfortable.
Understandable and logical depending on what you aim to achieve with the exercise. Personal branding is not boosting or bragging.  Personal Branding is to stand out from the crowd.  Branding will give you an exceptional effective way to broadcast and to reach your target market quickly and effectively.  Your personal brand is a promise to your customers that you will offer them value added services which unique, has quality, is consistent, competent and reliable.  Personal Branding is what you like to hear what people are saying about your BRAND.
Let us look 10 useful points which will make you stand out and build your brand.
  • Use unique pictures which reflect, support and enhance your BRAND.  If you are using your personal photo, then make sure that you get a professionally made photo of you smiling and dressed well.
  • Use a consistent user name and like the word goes, keep this name as it will always be associated with you
  • Identify specific goals which you have to achieve in order to fulfill its aim
  • Be an expert in your industry.  If you do not have the relevant skills, then ensure that you obtain them
  • Position yourself strategically in the market
  • Set up a professional personal website
  • Provide complete information about you.  This gives your potential customers a good picture of you.
  • Share useful information. Create a blog and offer information and tips to your readers.  This way you will get them always anticipating for more.
  • Participate consistently at various events which are within your niche.  Attend conferences and seminars or webinars where you are meeting people and interacting with them.
  • Learn how to use the social media efficiently and effectively.  The social media platform has become a power business tool which is a must if you are to be successful
Remember by focusing entirely on your personal brand, you will become uncompetitive in the market.