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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

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Niche Domination: Empower Network Strategies

Friday, 2 December 2011

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Referral Marketing: What Is Referral Marketing?

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Monday, 31 October 2011

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sunday, 11 September 2011

3 Easy Ways to Increase Online Sales

3 Easy Ways to Increase Online Sales http://bit.ly/oFYlSr

Optimistically In The Way That You Are Thinking!

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GluCare, To maintain healthy glucose levels http://bit.ly/pWxbiE

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Buy Tinnitus Miracle

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Personalize your blog by inserting your signature

Do you want to personalize your blog by inserting your signature? If you are using wordpress, then FT Signature Manager plugin is the solution for you

Friday, 1 July 2011

Personal Branding: 6 Unique strategic points that will make you exceptional

6 Unique strategic points to consider so that you are exceptional

Whenever I start coaching people about Personal Branding the most common question asked is always "why don't we ask other people to write what they think about us?"  Some are of the opinion that personal branding is boosting or bragging about themselves, which indeed makes one uncomfortable.
Understandable and logical depending on what you aim to achieve with the exercise. Personal branding is not boosting or bragging.  Personal Branding is to stand out from the crowd.  Branding will give you an exceptional effective way to broadcast and to reach your target market quickly and effectively.  Your personal brand is a promise to your customers that you will offer them value added services which unique, has quality, is consistent, competent and reliable.  Personal Branding is what you like to hear what people are saying about your BRAND.
Let us look 10 useful points which will make you stand out and build your brand.
  • Use unique pictures which reflect, support and enhance your BRAND.  If you are using your personal photo, then make sure that you get a professionally made photo of you smiling and dressed well.
  • Use a consistent user name and like the word goes, keep this name as it will always be associated with you
  • Identify specific goals which you have to achieve in order to fulfill its aim
  • Be an expert in your industry.  If you do not have the relevant skills, then ensure that you obtain them
  • Position yourself strategically in the market
  • Set up a professional personal website
  • Provide complete information about you.  This gives your potential customers a good picture of you.
  • Share useful information. Create a blog and offer information and tips to your readers.  This way you will get them always anticipating for more.
  • Participate consistently at various events which are within your niche.  Attend conferences and seminars or webinars where you are meeting people and interacting with them.
  • Learn how to use the social media efficiently and effectively.  The social media platform has become a power business tool which is a must if you are to be successful
Remember by focusing entirely on your personal brand, you will become uncompetitive in the market.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

"Differentiate or Die": 4 Strategies on how to successful differentiation

I have observed that many people venture into the network marketing sector with the intention to make money and make it quick. Let us be honest I did as well. But I soon came to realize that without proper research, determination and patience one cannot be successful in any trade. After having read Jack Trout’s book Differentiate or Die, actually everything came into place for me. I now know exactly what I would like to do and how I would like to do it. I want to differentiate! Yes I need to differential in order to survive and here is my strategy. I have done my SWOT analysis – Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats and these are in place. According to Jack Trout the following strategic points have to be considered in order to be successful.

  • Make Sense in Context: What perceptions exist in the market? What is your strength and what are your competitor’s weaknesses in the eyes of the potential customers? Substantial amount of observation and research has to be done on how the market “behavior”. This is absolutely necessary, so that the decision when to differentiate will be perfect.
  • Finding the Differentiating Idea: Product related differentness may not be necessary. Find the difference and use it for the benefit of the customer. Look at the global business using internet and social network platforms, for example MLM businesses. There are developing and are using the social media platforms to recruit, refer and promote their business hence reaching people from all over the world. Teams with people from different cultures, diversity teams are being building up and working together to earn incomes. The cross cultural aspect does not have to be introduced as a new product, but instead has to be streamlined in order to meet the customer’s requirements/perspectives. Consider the principles of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) “Losing and Reinventing USP” Ensure that your promotional tools will be reaching your target group and letting them know that you as an expert and your new training service will be of specific benefit to them. They must be assured that they will be getting a unique offer which is exclusively being offered by only YOU in the market at present. This way you are branding yourself and the exclusive service you are offering.
  • Have Credentials: It is not enough to claim that you are differentiating if you do not have logical arguments or proof for them. Credentials are a way of supporting you and proofing your capabilities to deliver. If you have a product that you claim is different, then you will need to demonstrate it, claims of difference without proof are just empty claims.
Remember to put in place your UCA – (Unique Competitive Advantage):
    What do you know about your competitors and your market, and what are the given reasons why someone should be using your training services as opposed to your competitor’s
    1. How to take advantage of the competitor’s weaknesses
    2. Why you are the best trainer for the person/company?
    3. What skills, abilities, and experiences will you be offering that are not available anywhere else!
    4. What are your competitor’s characteristics as compared to what you are offering?
    5. This is the trickiest part: How to motivate and retain the “influential people” - those that are able to help you in order to succeed.
    6. What are my competitor’s specialties?
    • Communicating your difference: Do not expect that once you have put everything in place as far as differentiating is concerned, that everybody will be demanding to get your product or service. Like everything in life, products and services as well have to build a strong perception in order to become successful. Your web sites, sales presentations, brochures, flyers, advertising, blogs etc., should reflect your difference, the new YOU. You will need finance in order to implement your differentiation project. Finance will determine the “rise or fall” of your project.

    Always keep in mind that brands are not built by marketing, but by people like you and me, so do not have any fears of differentiating, it will definitely be better than dying.

    Saturday, 18 June 2011

    The Wordpress Bible

    A source of income in network and affiliate marketing are good blogs and websites.  The overall appearance, contents and products will determine how long visitors will spend reading and taking advantage of your offers.  There are several offers currently in the market, but wordpress is leading in the field of offering blogging platform and software for people who are looking at self-hosting.
    I like to use wordpress because it is mashable, very good for blogging and a read & write web.  wordpress is user friendly, once you get the hitch of it, you will turn from beginner to professional in a twinkle of an eye :)
    • Use wordpress for self-hosted domains.  All you need is a good and reasonable webhoster, and using the wordpress software you can install your website and blogs in less than 20 minutes.
    • You have a large number of themes which you can install and personalize by doing your own setting, adding your own background pictures and colors.  The same applies for the header.  You can easily upload your own self-created header making your blog and website to look more professional.
    • You can choose from the large number of plugins.  Plugins are the skeleton of wordpress.  There are several plugins available to enhance for example, subscriptions, follow me buttons, click bank, adsense, registrations, coupons etc.
    • Wordpress is completely free.  It is an open space for blogging, so go on take advantage.
    • I have a feeling that search engines just love wordpress.  If you are searching for something specific you will see that wordpress pages will be on the top list.
    Most people never take time to read the TOS.  Wordpress will be quick to lower the broom on your blog if they find that you are breaking the rules of their TOS.  I experienced this with my free wordpress.com blog where wordpress suspended my blog because they detected the word "affiliate". After two suspension
    finally decided to opt for the self-hosted website using wordpress software. You may not be ready to start off with a self-hosted website, so it is recommendable that you have an overview of the TOS of wordpress which have been made easy to understand.
    The Wordpress Bible has super tips and tricks which will make it easier for you to understand how to use the software, be it for the blog or for self hosted. I have noticed that the major difference between the wordpress.com and self hosted is that the wordpress.com does not have the plugin function available for you to add in more plugin.  Where as with a self-hosted blog you have unlimited options of installing new plugins.
    I am sure that most of you will agree with me that wordpress software is just a darling and the number one software for bloggers.  You will see how simple and easy it is to use it.

    Sunday, 5 June 2011

    Free Webinar: Eyes on E-Shop and Internet Shopping

    Africa's internet consumption is developing rapidly, and therefore the need to offer training programs to support both E-Shop owners and consumers is essential. Alone in Kenya it is estimated that 3 million people are currently online and for businesses this is a great opportunity of turning these figures to make them their potential customers on one side and on the other side, customers wanting to take advantage of services and products being offered by companies online, should be empowered in order that they can take advantage of the offers.
    In order to enable both parties to enjoy the wonders of internet, I will be offering three free of charge internet trainings this month for both customers and internet businesses, E-Shop owners:
    Thursday 9th June 2011, Elizabeth Horlemann will be showing you how to use Internet for Shopping and Doing Business. Amongst the important topics which will be covered will be:
    • How to use Search Engines
    • Internet Shopping Internet
    • E Shops
    • Internet Fraud and Prevention
    Join me Online on Thursday 9th June 2011 at 6pm GMT / 7pm EAT (-1 GMT)
    You can use the Time Zone Converter to check your check and bookmark the event
    This is will be an inter-active training. All you need to have is access to internet, your computer, a webcam and a microphone!
    Contact us by filling in the contact form so that you can obtain your Log-in details

    Wednesday, 25 May 2011

    7 Ways Managing E-Mail Inbox

    The social media is making it possible for us to link up with everybody, and the result is that we have an influx of mails coming in at “supersonic speeds” filling in our inbox. You wake up in the morning, and it is as if you never read your mails yesterday. Twitter, Facebook, from bloggers, RSS feeds and just anywhere and everywhere where you have subscribed.  Well there is hope.  Organizing your Inbox is the solution and this is how I manage and yes, I enjoy receiving mails from all of you.
    1. Microsoft Outlook - I use Microsoft Outlook where I have synchronized all my emails and receive them without having to constantly log-in all the time.  All my email accounts are visual at one glance.
    2. Be short and precise.  I try to avoid Hi, Hello etc, and best regards, especially once I have communicated with the person on the same day.  If you use web-based email and Firefox as your browser, then there are some add-ons like Paste Email which helps you to paste repetitive texts in forms or emails with one or two clicks. I personally do not use copy and paste a lot as I prefer to send personal emails, therefore I use the KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) method.
    3. Create Folders :  I created folders where I drag and drop emails that I consider important and that I may need to refer to later.  Facebook folder for all important tips which I may need to refer to. Folder for Registrations – I have registered to God knows how many social network and every time there is a different log in details so I drag & drop all these as they come. You will decide how many folders you will create, but I recommend not to overdo it, otherwise you will have your inbox/folders looking very similar
    4. Time Frame – set a time frame on how long you will spend in reading your emails.  I normally spend 20 – 30 minutes spread throughout the day where I track mark the emails which need my immediate attention, postpone others for a later time and so on. These I can track at a later time or date to attend to.
    5. Be hard and do not hesitate to delete mails which you know that even after tomorrow you will not be attending to them.
    6. Do not leave anything for the next day as you will not have time to attend to it.
    7. My final tip is get a very good and reliable anti-virus software which will move some of those emails directly to junk mail